1/4 Beef Package (90 Lbs)

1/4 Beef Package (90 Lbs)



Enjoy and sample a variety of cuts when you order this package. Great for storage in a smaller freezer space aprox. 2.5 sq/ft space needed.

Ribeye (boneless) - 3.5lbs
Tenderloin steak - 1.5lbs
Porterhouse steak - 4lbs
T-Bone steak - 3.5lbs
Sirloin, boneless steak - 4lbs
Flank steak - 1lbs
Skirt steak/Fajita Steak - 1.5lbs
Round Steak - 2.5lbs

Rump Roast - 7lbs
Chuck roast - 9lbs
Arm Roast - 6lbs

Ground Beef (Burger) - 28lbs
Stew Meat - 3lbs
Short Ribs - 2.5lbs
Soup Bones w/meat - 2lbs
Beef Shanks/OssoBuco - 2.5lbs
Brisket - 3.5lbs
Liver - 1lbs

Add by request/substitute - based on availability
Bones, Suet, Heart, Oxtail, Tongue

The above cuts and quantities are estimates and will vary slightly.

No GMO. No Growth Hormones
Low Stress handling-Beef Quality Assurance Program

  • USDA Inspected
  • Dry aged 14 days
  • 100% grass fed/grass finished beef
  • Pasture raised
  • No antibiotics

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