1/2 Beef Package (180Lbs)

1/2 Beef Package (180 Lbs)



Keep your freezer stocked throughout the seasons with a variety delicious cuts for all occasions. Burgers and steaks are great for grilling in the summer and roasts will keep you warm in the winter. This package is great for sharing with family or splitting with a friend.

Ribeye (boneless) - 7lbs
Tenderloin steak - 3lbs
Porterhouse steak - 8lbs
T-Bone steak - 7lbs
Sirloin, boneless steak - 8lbs
Flank steak - 2lbs
Skirt steak/Fajita Steak - 3lbs
Round Steak - 5lbs

Rump Roast - 14lbs
Chuck roast - 18lbs
Arm Roast - 12lbs

Ground Beef (Burger) - 56lbs
Stew Meat - 6lbs
Short Ribs - 5lbs
Soup Bones w/meat - 4lbs
Beef Shanks/OssoBuco - 5lbs
Brisket - 7lbs
Liver - 2lbs

Add by request/substitute - based on availability
Bones, Suet, Heart, Oxtail, Tongue

The above cuts and quantities are estimates and will vary slightly.

No GMO. No Growth Hormones
Low Stress handling-Beef Quality Assurance Program

  • USDA Inspected
  • Dry aged 14 days
  • 100% grass fed/grass finished beef
  • Pasture raised
  • No antibiotics

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