1/4 Beef Package (90 Lbs)

Enjoy and sample a variety of cuts when you order this package. Great for storage in a smaller freezer space aprox. 2.5 sq/ft space needed.

1/2 Beef Package (180 Lbs)

Keep your freezer stocked throughout the seasons with a variety delicious cuts for all occasions. Burgers and steaks are great for grilling in the summer and roasts will keep you warm in the winter. This package is great for sharing with family or splitting with a friend.

Whole Cow Ground Beef

Our whole cow ground beef contains all the best cuts of the cow ground into a robust blend. Make delicious burgers, meatloaf, tacos and more throughout the year! Comes in 1lb packages and can be ordered in 5/10lb packaging as well.

Whole Cow (360lbs)

For the serious grillers and value seekers. This package will keep you stocked with all the cuts for the year and more. Best value and great for sharing with family and friends.