This beef is delicious, healthy and requires little seasoning, but what makes it most enjoyable is the peace of mind in knowing where it comes from”.

— Matt

Cincinnati, Ohio

Our farm offers certified 100% grass-fed highland cattle for purchase for farmers looking to grow their herd and individuals looking for premium locally farmed beef. We encourage people to schedule a tour of our farm to learn about our sustainable farming practices, humane treatment of the cattle and why our beef is not only great tasting but healthy.

There's peace of mind in knowing that the food we put into our bodies is safe to eat, nutritious and was raised in a humane and healthy environment. For me, this also makes the food taste even better!

Today, it's more important than ever to know where your food comes from if you are interested in transparency in exactly what goes into the food you eat. Many products get away with putting labels on food that are not 100% accurate such as "natural", "free range" and even "grass fed". We encourage people to tour our farm and learn about our sustainable and organic practices that keep our animals healthy, nutritious and safe to eat. Please contact us if you are interested.

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“Our farm principles include: sustainability, stewardship of the land

and growing organic feed for the cattle."

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